of bands we worked with

Awash - Single promotion 

Great personal company with sympathy, honesty and a true drive to promote your music - Awash

Luíra - Single promotion 

Idvi communicates really fast and does an outstanding job with promotion and offers lot's of other great services. I am really grateful with what they do for Luíra and would definitely recommend them to other musicians - Luíra

Between the jars - Single promotion 

We highly value our cooperation with IDVI Agency in promoting our music. But, even more so, the deep love of music we share with Davy and Anna, motivating us to go the extra mile and helping us to envision a bright future for Between the Jars. - Between The Jars

Meadows - album promotion

IDVI did an awesome job promoting our new album. Personal and warm company. Fast communication and an honest drive to promote your music as best as possible. - Meadows

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