WATCH: KLINK Premiere New Single And Music Video 'Curious'

Dutch indie rock formation KLINK have released their new music video for their single called Curious. The song is a top-notch indie hit, a cherry on a top for the upcoming hot season.

Curious about the topic?

Cruious is about someone’s addictionwho makes himself believe that he’s just too curious to understand the consequences of his problem. In fact he can’t face his own problems and avoids them by drinking or escaping reality by not going home...

All he finds himself in is a never-ending party.

Enigmatic, contemporary and a little quirky. In fact, there is nothing ordinary about the indie pop band KLINK. However, the music somehow still feels familiar - like meeting up with an old friend. After starting out as an alternative indie rock band with essential nineties roots, KLINK have now opened the doors to a more modern, danceable sound. The intriguing lyrics have purposefully been crafted just as conscientiously as have the adventurous compositions.

Inspired by acts such as Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, The Cure, Bob Dylan and Roxy Music, the music of KLINK is something that you'd definitely love. Primarily the brainchild of singer/lyricist Tjeerd Blom, who along with Merlijn Verboom (Teus Nobel) and Harm Timmermans (Hartman), forms the core team of KLINK. Together they employ the force of "energy" and the feeling of "melancholy" to direct their creative process.

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