Watch: Avar Release Spectacular Music Video In Turkish 'Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım'

AVAR release their new single and music video Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım on all digital platforms. This is a cover song and was originally written by Âşık Veysel, a highly regarded poet of the Turkish folk literature, who was blind in most of his life. Hungarian folk music often contains Eastern melodies and since the band liked the original song very much, they decided to make a cover out of it. It's about your own life, your way, your destiny from the beginning till the end with all uncertainties and difficulties.

Avar also recorded an English version of the song, which will be released in a few weeks.


"The video was shot in Opusztaszer National Heritage Park, which is an open air museum of the Hungarian history, therefore it has countless mesmerizing features that we thought would fit perfectly with the video. And sure enough it did. The video was shot by our good friends Mihaszna film who are well-known in the industry for making amazing videos. Actually, our bassist is one of the members of the Mihaszna team so it was an easy choice to work with them, just like we have done with all our videos so far."


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