Tricklebolt Premiere Sneak Peek Of The World’s First Drive-In Live Album

Live recordings like you’ve never heard before. 100% pure rock n roll was captured on the world’s first Drive In Live Album by Tricklebolt.

Evoking the vibe of Woodstock in 2020 – and it’s all Covid-proof!

Organizing exciting live events is really tricky nowadays, but not for Tricklebolt! The Dutch rock formation pushed their drive-in concert to the max and they are ready to release the world’s first drive-in live album in the first half of 2021.

The news was spread all over The Netherlands and people were getting more and more curious about this show. Therefore unsurprisingly, within a few days the event was immediately sold out.

With a Covid-proof solution both the band and their management successfully evoked the long-missed festival feeling, which the audience was gladly enjoying. Couples were cozily sitting on the top of their vans, motorcyclists were humming bravely with their vehicles between two songs, as a gesture of applause. No wonder that the band played their most fantastic and energetic live set ever.

Tricklebolt’s Drive-In Live Album will be available in Spring 2021 on all available streaming services, and of course, also on vinyl. Moreover, three live videos of the drive-in experience will be posted prior to the release.

We could successfully create a real festival vibe with a Corona-proof concept. At last I think that was exactly what people needed, after almost half a year of not being able to enjoy live music. We truly felt like we were at Woodstock '69, and we couldn't believe our eyes as we looked over the crowd from a distance. With the band we are so thankful to our audience that we could both evoke the legendary festival’s energies together. We will never forget this fantastic night – guitarist Tim Kampman says. 

TRICKLEBOLT welcomes you to 1975. Experience the vibe you missed out on if your date of birth -like theirs - lies way past those glory days.

Imagine Deep Purple meets Birth of Joy. Concieve authentic raw guitars, floating Hammond carpet, psychedelics. On top of that expect hooks and looks à la Fatal Flowers. Lust for Life- energetic and spitting out the proper amount of decibels Tricklebolt whacks it all straight into your gut. And your pain will be pure bliss.

On their resume many festival slots like f.e. Zwarte Cross, Manana Manana, Ribs & Blues, Eurosonic, Fields of Joy, and supports for s.a. Golden Earring, DeWolff, Uriah Heep, Di-rect, Navarone, Thin Lizzy, Y&T. Tricklebolts second full length album Straight Into The Blue was released Februari 2020 and received critical acclaim.


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