Tricklebolt Premiere New Single And Music Video 'Atlantis' Off Of Their Drive-In Live Album

In the summer of 2020, Tricklebolt toured The Netherlands playing from 2 open vans with their 'Drive Tour' set. The route ended with their biggest Drive-In production ever, where the band recorded the whole show for a live album.

Live At The Drive-In will be released later this year, but here is Atlantis, the first single and music off of their upcoming live album.

The first single and video clip of Tricklebolt's upcoming live album is here! You can hear and see a multicultural mix of Bikers, Farmers and Hippies who have all prepared their most beautiful vehicle for this event, cheering up the band with loud horns and heavy engine roaring.

The long missed concert experience, amplifiers blowing over the corn and a field full of vehicles made this night unforgettable both for the band and for the audience.

Because of the current situation with restrictions and impossible festival plannings, Tricklebolt is going to release this album... also on a Drive-In event surrounded by the Dutch meadows! The plan is, of course, to keep the accurate restrictions and guidelines, but the band hopes, it will be a bigger event than last year's. If you want to be there, you can sign up HERE for Tricklebolt's mailing list and you will be the first one to be informed about ticket sales and album pre-orders!


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