¡PENDEJO! release killer cover of Mari Trini's 'Déjame'

Dutch rockers ¡Pendejo! have launched their cover of Déjame, originally written and performed by Spanish singer Mari Trini, who was immensely popular in Spain and Spanish speaking territories in the 70's and 80's.

Déjame appeared on her album Amores (1970) and was the first song ¡Pendejo! agreed to cover for their EP Toma. According to the band's singer El Pastuso, it didn't take a lot to convince the rest of the band.

Déjame is the third track of ¡Pendejo!'s yet unreleased EP Toma.

"Instead of being exposed as a kid to the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Cash, you know, the stuff you read in any interview of any self respecting rock 'n' roller, it was mainly Maria Dolores, Los Morochucos, cumbia, boleros and so forth on my parents' turntable. Mari Trini was popular in our household too, and Déjame somehow became my go-to song when I was sad or feeling miserable as a kid. So I may have put some pressure on the dudes to do this song because it is such a dear childhood memory. But we all agreed that Déjame has all the typical Spanish ballad ingredients of the seventies without getting corny, like any song of Julio Iglesias does, to give you an example. Whereas Iglesias is the master of prefab romance and mostly horrible songs, Mari Trini is on a different level entirely. Déjame is her best song, I think. It is a bit of a tearjerker all right, a sad song with some hope. Not so bad for the time we are living in right now" - frontman El Pastuso says.


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