Operation Hurricane Release Debut EP 'White Walls'

Dutch pseudo-grunge band Operation Hurricane have released their first EP called White Walls. The band introduced themselves with a really catchy song Lose Control along with a music video back in October. Now the guys are ready to take the next step in their career: despite the pandemic, Operation Hurricane bravely came out with their new release in the end of this hectic year.

"The three years we spent as a band before recording this EP were basically one big continuous process of learning and growing, both as a band and as individuals. Figuring out how to manage yourselves, dealing with the challenge of writing for a three piece band and finding a voice and a story to tell as songwriters. When we thought we are ready, we headed into the studio with Stijn Donders (Raiko Records) and recorded White Walls. We intended it to be a showcase of where we've come from and where we are, but it ended up giving both us and the listener a sneak peek of where we seem to be heading as a band. Dynamic, lyrical, at times uncompromisingly hard and heavy, yet never without function."


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