Operation Hurricane Debut With Music Video 'Lose Control'

Dutch pseudo-grunge band Operation Hurricane have released their first music video for their song Lose Control. This is the third single from their upcoming debut EP which will be released later in November.

The song is driven by the message which is about a seemingly contradictory balance between trying to keep control and daring to let life run its course. This delicate balancing act is reflected in the song’s dynamics: starting with a heavy riff-based intro, we quickly transition into a very lyrical and atmospheric verse, followed by a surprisingly massive chorus. The ebb and flow in the song come to a searing climax in the bridge which goes dark and gloomy without holding back...

For years, the Haarlem-based three-piece Operation Hurricane had been looking for their musical identity. After countless gigs at renowned venues like Paradiso, Patronaat and Bevrijdingspop, they finally found themselves stumbling upon their own style and sound.Their endless experiments resulted in a freaky fusion of grunge, prog, punk and pop. They dubbed this strange brew of theirs as “pseudo-grunge”.

So, what does it sound like?

Lyrical, dynamic songs which serve as a canvas for the stories they tell and the pictures they paint. Unapologetically loud and raw, yet never without purpose. The essence of the matter is duality: the search for a balance between keeping control and daring to draw outside the lines: a balance between the Operation and the Hurricane.

Because everything starts and ends with the story...




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