Mayberian Sanskülotts Release Their New Album 'God Tiger Need Chemical Works'

Hungarian dream pop formation MAYBERIAN SANSKÜLOTTS are celebrating the release of their long-awaited new album God Tiger Need Chemical Works.

Ethereal dreams, visions, a wrestling ring and professional wrestlers – and behind it all, a tiny box of Vietnamese tiger balm that inspired an entire album. After three years, the Budapest-based band Mayberian Sanskülotts have finally released their new record. The first single and music video from the album entitled God Tiger got also premiered in the end of April.

The title of the new album, God Tiger Need Chemical Works, was borrowed from a Vietnamese tiger balm label. As Mayberian Sanskülotts guitarist Gallusz Balogh says: "Even though this combination of words is completely meaningless, they had a magical effect on me. I immediately told everyone in the band that it should be the title of the next album. I was transfixed by these words after that, and a few days later I wrote the demo for God Tiger in about an hour, even though it usually takes me a long time to write songs."


Full pressmail available via contact@idvi-agency.com

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