Luíra Releases New Song And Lyric Video 'Inner Drum'

Dutch-Norwegian solo artist Luíra releases her second single and lyric video Inner Drum. The song is about hope and a new beginning: the actual rebirth in life making the impossible possible.

Luíra is a young classically trained multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who moved to the north of Norway. The music of Luíra is an acquired taste: a unique blend of contemporary classical, experimental alternative rock and folk music.

In the distance echoes a beat, low and softly...

"From the very first glimpses of our beautiful world to the painful realisation later on, that what should have been a healthy and loving environment, was a luckless, and anything but a safe origin of a new life. Struggling throughout life, how it is possible, to try to find one's own centeredness and place in the world, if one didn't had the chance to start in a warm and safe haven from the very first heartbeat? Inner Drum is about hope and a new beginning: it is an actual rebirth in life later, making the impossible possible. Despite the unfortunate of circumstances, at the end, to be able to find one's Inner Drum" - Luíra tells about her new song.


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