Ghost Echo Premiere: 'Late Night's Got A Fascinating Cinematic Music Video - Watch It Now!

The musical project called Ghost Echo is the brainchild of Dutch musicians Remy de Wal and Karel Witte. Combining their love for atmospheric synth/guitar sounds with triphop-like beats and ethereal vocal layering, the music can best be described as Cinematic Electro-Prog. Influences include Steven Wilson, A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Massive Attack and the soundtracks to both Blade Runner movies.

To celebrate the release of their debut album, Ghost Echo released their new single Late Night, with an extraordinary animated video created by Tiago Araújo.

Late Night was the second song to be written for the project, and it tells a dark tale of a person being haunted by demons at night. Upon completing the song, Karel wrote a basic script as an idea for an animated video. This script was put up in a call for collaboration on ArtConnect.com, and Tiago was one of the respondents. He liked the track, and as he is a passionate lover of storytelling, Tiago took the very basic script and over the course of 10 months transformed it into a fully-formed display of dystopian imagery, creating a visual message that perfectly goes with Late Night’s dark vibe.

About the debut album

Isolated Dreams is Ghost Echo’s debut album and was written and recorded between March 2020 and February 2021 in the home studios of Remy and Karel. The entire production and mixing was done by the band themselves. The album will be released independently on March 25th.


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