Exclusive Premiere: Here's 'Null Void' By The Cinematic Electro-Prog Duo Ghost Echo

Ghost Echo released their new single called Null Void on all available streaming services. Ghost Echo is the brainchild of Dutch musicians Remy de Wal and Karel Witte. Combining their love for atmospheric synth/guitar sounds with triphop-like beats and ethereal vocal layering, the music can best be described as Cinematic Electro-Prog. Influences include Steven Wilson, A Perfect Circle, Katatonia, Massive Attack and the soundtracks to both Blade Runner movies.

Ghost Echo was conceived as a two-man project as a result of the lockdown. Band members Remy and Karel started sending each other demos back and forth, building upon each other’s ideas. 95% of all music is made without actually being in the same room together.

So far two singles have been released, with both of them earning praise and coverage from various media outlets such as nieuweplaat.nl in The Netherlands and The Prog Mind internationally. Current single Black Era now holds a #7 position on Holland’s popular Indie Chart by radio station IndieXL.

About the song

Null Void is the third single from the upcoming album, following previous singles Dust and Black Era. These three singles together form a representative picture of what can be expected from the album. Dust represents the introspective, melancholic side, Black Era the more aggressive-playful side and finally Null Void is here to reveal just how dark and disturbing Ghost Echo can get.

The track is easily the most progressive of the singles, moving through three distinct phases, resulting in quite the unexpected trip. Karel Witte’s multi-tracked vocals provide a momentum, culminating in what must surely be one of Remy de Wal’s most dramatic guitar solos on the entire record.

While not as immediate as the previous single, Null Void should find its way to lovers of progressive and dark music. A lyric video will be released at or around release time.

Ghost Echo’s debut album is yet to be titled but will be released independently on 18th December, accompanied by the release of fourth single Late Night, which will feature an animated video created by Berlin-based visual artist Tiago Araújo.


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