El Fatso Release Their New EP Rock'n'Roffa

Dutch rock formation El Fatso have released their new EP Rock 'n' Roffa both online and in a physical form. The Rotterdam-based band came out with killer forerunner singles and videos back in 2020, teasing their audience until the EP release. Well, the big moment has come!

Oil up your mustache and put on your dancing shoes baby, because it's here! El Fatso have dropped their new sweat, sex, and swag-filled EP Rock 'n' Roffa. The record contains just the right amount of bravado to get you fired up for a night out. In this new release, the Rotterdam-based Fatso's continue to develop their signature Rock 'n' Roffa sound with falsetto vocals, crooked guitars and sweaty grooves.

The record is a wild ride through the themes of hedonism, adultery and self-reflection, which is also portrayed in the artwork (Luis Toledo, PrisaMata Studio). Previously released singles came with videoclips covered in that special Fatso sauce: Tarantino-level storytelling with a touch of absurdity.

The artwork

The record’s artwork is all about psychedelics and poultry. Designed by Luis Toledo of PrisaMata Studio (also responsible for the previous EP’s artwork), it goes together with the music as mac goes with cheese.

+Yet unheard single: Should Have

Should Have is about the misalignment of ambitions: it covers the themes of regret, doubt and self-reflection: ‘You’ll never make it in those shoes, boy...

They’re not your size and both laces are different.’

The lyrics are supported by an ominous and thought-provoking intro, that leads into a slow and dark groove.

Should Have is the little gothic misfit kid that contrasts the previous uptempo and energetic songs on their new EP!


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