El Fatso Premiere New Single And Music Video 'Touch Base'

Dutch rock formation El Fatso have released their new single Touch Base on all available streaming services. Touch Base is the third single of El Fatso's upcoming EP Rock 'n' Roffa.

"The song is the BIG NASTY of hook up songs, as it is introduced in the first line: Supple hips started swaying, when you caught me misbehaving. The foxy vibe of the verse is followed by a sexy and intimate chorus with warm and sultry vocals. The single has been released with a 50's themed video clip featuring roller skating waitresses, dancing and cross dressing" - the members of El Fatso say about the song.

El Fatso sounds like a hot and messy one night stand between Mr. Stonerrock and Ms. Pop. Falsetto vocals, crooked guitars and sweaty grooves form the ingredients for their signature sound, which they call ''Rock 'n' Roffa''. Their songs demand you to move that ol' body of yours around, in whatever way possible and absolutely own it while doing so. After it!'


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