Between The Jars Release New Song And Lyric Video 'Passing Through'

Dutch psychedelic rock formation Between The Jars have released their new song called Passing Through along with a lyric video. With an unique voice, psychedelic keys, and shredding guitar riffs, Between The Jars add a distinctive sound to their music. 

"The idea for this song originated by an interest in how people think about the afterlife. There are many different perceptions of what the afterlife contains. Being fascinated by these various perceptions we noticed a similarity; that whatever perception one believes in, the experience we have now is fleeting and temporarily. And this idea is reinforced by the believe that we should make the most of our life, or even every day, because this life will not last forever. This song is our attempt on conceptualizing this daily struggle of what we choose to do, how we measure what we value, and how we concern ourselves with what we leave behind" - singer Florian Albronda explains.


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