Belgium's Young Talent Thomas Frank Hopper Releases New Album 'Bloodstone' Worldwide

Belgian singer-songwriter Thomas Frank Hopper celebrates the release of his new album Bloodstone. Thomas spent his childhood in Africa. He mainly plays lapsteel guitar and created his own brand of rock music.

His music is a crossover between American blues and European rock. A journey across the Mississippi land but also along the flat country roads. A good riff on a slide guitar connected to an old tube amp.

The album was produced by the Thomas Frank Hopper himself and recorded and mixed by Alexandre Leroy at Studio Six Brussels.

Off of the album two singles were already released in 2020: Into the Water and Dirtylicious. There is also Bad Business where we can recognize the guitar playing of the famous Belgian guest musician Frédéric Lani (Fred & The Healers).

No autotune, no click recording, just old-fashioned rock music. The band expressively keeps the little flaws to achieve something pure and something that sounds live.

The lapsteel guitar can be heard in all of the songs.

Hopper explains: "we like the old school rock style with old school riffs on the electric guitar. We do not hesitate to increase the gain to hear the sizzling from our tube amps, the real nature of the beast."

Thomas Frank Hopper reminds us that we can still defend quality music with real instruments.


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