Belgian Heavy Metallers Thorium Release Their New Lyric Video 'Exquisite'

On FRIDAY APRIL 2nd THORIUM release their third official video single EXQUISITE, off of their long-awaited second album Empires in the Sun.

“This is the opening track of our brand new record, and it’s a real scorcher – expect high-speed, high-octane, high-intensity riffing, playing and singing! Lyrically, we wanted to have a positive and upbeat feel to it all, and so the song looks at Man’s rise through the ages as he builds and conceives, dreams and achieves. The video takes us on a journey through time, along great monuments and works of art, through the hustle and bustle of modern life and eventually into outer space – a testament to how, if we bring out the very best in ourselves, we can reach our full potential, grow beyond our confines, and attain the seemingly impossible” - the band says.

THORIUM’s sophomore album 'Empires in the Sun' was released March 5th 2021 via Freya Records. The record is now available via this link: https://thoriumband.bandcamp.com

The album is available on black vinyl, gold vinyl, yellow/blue swirl vinyl (limited availability), on CD, and on all online streaming platforms.

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