Ann My Guard Premiere New Album 'Furia'

Alternative metal formation Ann my Guard have released their fourth album, FURIA. The songs are pure, raw, energetic and furious: an honest representation of what 2020 means to most of us.

Furia is an allegory of of mourning, loneliness, anxiety and unhealed wounds, born in the first weeks of quarantine. "The subject itself has become quite prophetic, as I don’t think there is a person today who would not be mentally hit by the current situation in the world" - Eszter Anna Baumann said when they released their first single from the album.

The music of Ann my Guard experiments with heavy riffs, haunting melodies with a dark feminine touch. In the artistic realm of Eszter Anna Baumann, she seeks to embrace the hidden part of the self, and tries to dig beneath the surface where old mythologies lead the traveler to self-empowerment.


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