Promo roster

Kristoffer Gildenlöw (SE/NL) AOR

Giant Sky (NO) Art rock

Kingfisher Sky (NL) Prog-metal

Timelock (NL) Neo-prog

Chain Reaktor (NL) Prog

Mariusz Duda (PL) Prog

Avar (HU) Tribal metal

SYNS (NL) Synth pop

Klink (NL) 100% indie

Perfect Storm (NL) Prog

Thomas Frank Hopper (BE) Rock / blues


Scarlet Aura (RO) Heavy metal

Woke (NL) Cellar punk

Nine Stones Close (USA/NL) Prog

Meadows (NL) Modern prog/metal

Thorium (BE) Heavy metal

nebeschau (NL) Indie rock

Ghost Echo (NL) Synth prog

Luíra (NO) Folk and classical artist

Dirty Sound Magnet (CH) Psychedelic rock

Mother's Cake (AT) Psychedelic rock

Hasse Fröberg & the Musical Companion (SE) Prog rock

El Fatso (NL) Alternative rock

¡Pendejo! (NL) Spanish rock

Outside Revelation (NL) Heavy groove rock

Operation Hurricane (NL) Pseudo grunge

Liv Kristine & Valkyre (BE) Melodic metal

Between The Jars (NL) Rock

Awash (NL) Soft rock

Ann my Guard (HU) Alternative metal

Black Bone Nation (SA) The loudest band of South Africa

The Great Hurricane Escape (NL) Southern punk

Serpentyne (UK) Symphonic metal

The King's Head (NL) Grunge metal

Jahat (NL) Groove metal

Golconda (HU) Virtual electronicore

Maiden United (NL) Acoustic super group

It's not only about the band, it's about the dream we all have.