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tour promotion

Do you want to get the maximum impact from your upcoming tour? We will help to spread the news about your gigs. With targeting the local media, your event will reach exactly those people who'd be the perfect audience for you. We will also set up interviews, contests, and make your show a big bang.

management & branding

Single &album promotion

We offer a global digital promotion service for your upcoming music releases. Depending on your special wishes, our goal is to target the right people at all media platforms and fully maximize the potential exposure. We set up campaigns for online media, print, radio, social media, Google Ads, Spotify plugging, and more...

During our personal consultations, we will build a strategy together which will take you to the next level professionally. Defining and marketing your production, branding your artistic output is necessary to improve your success in the business. We can't wait to focus on YOU and your uniqueness to make the best of yourself and your music. 

Startup for your band

Please get in touch with us for all the details

We can provide a start up package for your band, which concludes everything your band needs in connection with socials, branding and production. This includes:

  • Logo

  • Bio

  • Professional Press kit

  • Technical Rider

  • Facebook Banner and Profile 

Please get in touch with us for all the details